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kung pow


Dear Inconsiderate Bitches,

I am aware that there are things that are more important in life than gaming. The list is quite prodigous indeed. I understand things come up and that even though you SAY you'll be some where that you can't make it.
BUT, when you ask to specifically schedual the game for an obscenely unusual hour to fit your own schedual I expect you to be able to make it. When you inconvenience me to the point of me having to rearrange my sleep schedual to accomidate your request, then when I drive over and am made to wait several hours, and THEN end up not running any thing recieving NO appology or any sort of thanks on my part for trying it makes me feel unappreciated.
It makes me not want to run games at all. Why would I run for you guys if you don't show up and don't appreciate me when you do show up? A call to let me know you can't make it would have prevented all the hurt feelings and all the bull shit. Can't you get to a phone? Can't you even be THAT considerate?
I think we know the answer to that.
If you're reading this and think it applies to you and haven't appologized to me yet, don't bother.

Aggrivated DM

When you answer your friends phone and it's a mutual friend you don't actlike a dick to him. I don't care if you are drunk, that isn't cool. Especially if I'm calling to see if our friend is all right because he's an hour and a half late for something he SAID he'd be at. Hence the worrying. Then getting some bullshit sort of answer, that's really awesome.