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December 8th, 2008

kung pow

Two Parter

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. I'm 8 days late but better late than never.

Christmas CARD Swap action.

If you LIKE getting cards, or like GIVING cards email your info to
and I will add you to my christmas card list as well as send an email back with my own snail mail addy.

sooner you send the info higher chances you have of getting yoru card in time to make your mantle look like people love you. *(my own dastardly plot)*

second part, the sad news.
My Grandmother passed away last night. It wasn't sudden, she's been suffering from alzheimers for a while now. she nearly broke the record for the longest survivor but she's simply tied it. Go gram.
I've never spoken much about my Grandmother but she was very important to me and the very very least I could do is mention it here.
Silly maybe but, then again I'm "Lord of the Absurd" what did you expect? something classy?
not my style.

Farewell Gram.
I love you.