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King Jeremy the Wicked
27 August 1979
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i'm in gryffindor!

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That's odd. I was assuming I was going to come out Ravenclaw.
I think it's interesting that these user info pages have a bio spot for us users to sum up everything about who we are when our journals are so much more fun to read and offer the same information.
I suppose if you have to know now who and what I am then I will inform you.
I was born in 1979, a good year I've been told, to a pair of dirt poor people trying to make it any way they could. I've lived a rich life full of interesting times even though my family hasn't ever had money. My memories and actions and deeds will stay with me forever, and it's here that I've come to share them with some of you.
Who is LotA? What does LotA even mean?

L.O.T.A. is an acronym for Lord of the Absurd. When I first began to learn about faerie society I found they had duchies and kingdoms under our own. They had little fifedoms and titles of whimsy. I imagined a feudal lord, not of sussex or lancaster but of absurdidty. I imagined this pompus little robber baron lording over the truely odd with a smile and I made him some one of importance in my stories. Barrent, Lord of the Absurd.

I took his moniker as a whim for an email address back when hotmail was the new place to be. Back before all the other free email places made it just one more crap hole in the interwebs. I began to use it elsewhere for solidarity but Lordoftheabsurd is kind of a long freaking sn to have and so in some places I would shorten it to Lota. Lota being a feminine sounding sn I was and still am often mistaken for a female. Truth is people, I do habe a penis. ((not you can't see it))

Now I use LotA as a journal to post my day to day trials and tribulations. I don't post every thing here, some things I post elsewhere. I have other journals I use for that crap. Not that I'd nessissarily tell you every thing I do, after all I have no idea who you are possibly. You could be my brother or my best friend or my most hated enemy. Point is, if it feels like I'm leaving something out, chances I put it in a different journal.

I'm currently a single white (irish and cockney gypsy decent) male who is 26 years old. I go to school part time and pursuit a career in the real estate field. I work at a hotel and encounter all manner of wierdo and psycho at my job. I am good friends with a large band of misanthropes. I can often be found online or at the junior college being a menace to society.

I love nature and art. I will defend beuty and love when needed to. I have so much love in my heart for the world and it's people.

LotA is a brother. Lota is a Son. Lota is an Uncle. Lota is a Grandson. Lota is a Nephew. Lota is an employee. Lota is a student. Lota is a musician. Lota is an artist. Lota is a prankster. Lota is a funny man. Lota is huge. Lota is a good cook. Lota is NOT emo or goth or any clique. Lota is a little wierd. Lota is a writer. Lota is a lover. Lota is a fighter. Lota is me.

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